So Angry with my Local News Network

I'm sooooooooooooooooo angry with my local news network.

We have this nightly show called "207" and they have been doing spots on the election over the past weeks.

Well, they interviewed McCain in late August and the lead interviewer was so RUDE, in my opinion. His questions were push button questions (which was fine) and when McCain was answering Rob Caldwell kept saying "but you didn't answer my question".

Now, I'm no politician but isn't that just protocol? Obama never answers a question either. And you don't continually interrupt a candidate. If they aren't going to answer your question, they aren't going to answer it and you move on. People will see they aren't answering your questions.

Back to today:

Caldwell interviewed Obama today because he was in NH and it was much more respectful - though Obama did have to say 'wait a minute, that's not what I said'. That must be the trace of a novice reporter - not able to cover up their tactics so the candidate doesn't realize what you just did.

So "207" also declined an interview with Sarah Palin WHO WAS IN MAINE today. They declined it because the McCain/Palin campaign wanted to choose the interviewer. I was so ripped. I wanted to go and hear what she had to say, but was hoping to hear an interview at night since I had to work today.

My local news team failed me. They failed to provide a fair and equal representation of electoral coverage.

Here is my email to 207:

Dear 207,

I can't believe that this news team 'declined' to interview Sarah Palin because they didn't want to have the McCain/Palin campaign select the interviewer. This news team let down their viewers by declining this interview. It's not a fair and balanced representation of electoral coverage.

In my speculation, they probably didn't want Rob Caldwell interviewing her because when he interviewed McCain he was downright rude. It was painful to watch. He was sarcastic and interrupted the candidate. I just watched Rob interview Obama and there was not a trace of that disrespect in that interview.

Now, I usually steer clear of politics, but this really ripped me up.



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