Maine, taxes in perspective

It is common knowledge around here that Maine has incredibly high taxes, and I wanted to share with you two things that have completely enlightened me.

I have always been a little on the 'la la la' side when it comes to what I pay. I don't do the bills in my household and I stick to the concept - 'unless you really need it, don't buy it'. Well I registered my car, a 2008 Hyundai Sonata, a couple of weeks ago and boy did it hit home. It was over $350 to register my car (almost the same as last year!) and the prices have gone up on vanity plates. I was even considering getting rid of my long time plate because it had gone up from $10 to $25 or something like that.....I wanted to get animal refuge league plates at additional $25........but that didn't happen because they weren't available yet.

Actually, the reason I'm writing this post is because of a radio show I heard. I listened to this guy talk all about the problems in Maine with taxes and he really laid out a clear picture. Especially the point that we keep adding state-funded programs that we can't afford on top of governor after governor that can't balance the budget.

Now, I can't name very many of our past governors, but the ones that I can remember, I remember many of the problems that arose during their terms. But the final thing that hit me about that program is that Maine has been democratic run for over 30 years. That really left me thinking......



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