A Day in the Life of Luxor

Luxor has finally learned that fetching is fun. For the longest time he would just play with the crinkle ball all by himself. So, I worked with him one night when Stoli was fetching his mouse. I'd throw the ball and Luxor would bound after it. Then he'd pick it up. Usually he'd just take it somewhere else and play with it but I made a ruckus to get him to bring the ball to me. I ravished him with praise - "Luxor, you good boy, what a good boy, you brought the ball to me, wanna play fetch" a long with some good petting.

So I would throw the ball and he finally realized that if he brought the ball to me, he'd get loads of praise and lovin'!

Now on to today:

My husband was filling the cat's food canisters and when he does this, it's a spectacle. The cats sit on the table with the food containers and my husband carefully fills the bins. Well today, Luxor thought he'd step it up a notch.

He used to just swipe his paw through the stream of food and hope to grab a couple of pieces. Today!!!!! Well, he looked at the stream of food and proceeded to hover his open mouth under it. He actually got a couple of pieces! Imagine that!


Marjorie Dawson September 24, 2008 at 5:33 PM  

Good going Luxor and isn't playing fetch fun - all that priase and love!!!


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