Luxor's ALMOST trip to the vet

I don't understand WHY Luxor insists on eating anything and everything that can fit in his mouth. He has a long history of eating stuff that doesn't belong in cats' tummies. Well, because of that I religiously check and double check the floors, etc. for small things that Luxor may find tasty.

On Christmas he ate about a 1.5" long piece of green plastic and threw it up. I have absolutely NO idea where he got it. I looked all around and couldn't find anything that matched it. I am very glad he was able to get it up but that really couldn't have been tasty.

Well the day after Christmas, he ate a 2" piece of ribbon. When will this cat LEARN!!!! He felt awful all day. Obviously if I had caught him doing this I would have taken the ribbon away. We were getting ready to sit down to dinner and Luxor started to 'projectile' vomit. LOVELY!

It was completely disgusting and smelled awful. But he felt better afterward. I was just about to take him to the emergency vet when he started to act a little better, drink water and talk to me. We decided to talk to his vet in the morning. I'm glad we waited. We called them, got some hairball lubricant to help him pass anything he had left and came home - we didn't bring him in. Which he would have despised.

He's doing a lot better tonight. I think he's going to be ok. Now, I have no idea if he learned a lesson or not. I wish cats could talk....


Sarah December 28, 2007 at 10:34 PM  

I'm glad the little pumpkin is ok! Hope he doesn't give you any more scares!


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