There's No Place like Home

Originally Posted: 9:53, Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stoli’s Story Nina and Grand Champion Zachariah of Jill and Harold Hoffman’s Prairie Home had a litter of three kittens on Februrary 2, 2006 at the Prairie Home Cattery in Gas, Kansas. Stolichnaya was destined for Maine his littermates moved to Texas. Stoli comes from a long line of Grand Champions. Stoli’s sire, GC Zachariah is the son of Grand Champion Tsar Blu's Zenaide of Prairie Home and Memere-Pata Yarkov Vanechka. Zenaide’s father is Grand Champion, National Winner, and Regional Winner Tsar Blu's Ziggy Tsardust. Her mother is Bleuchip of Tsar Blu.



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