Stoli Trek

Originally Posted 9:58, Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On June 3rd, 2006, Stoli left Prairie Home at 2AM with Harold Hoffman to check in at the airport at 4:30AM. Continental Airlines left Kansas City at 6:30 with Stoli aboard. He arrived in Houston at 10AM and had a two hour lay over before his plane departed for Boston’s Logan Airport. Anthony, Cindy and I drove through the pouring rain to pick up the kitten at the cargo facility. Stoli was practically waiting for me when arrived. He was pretty frightened but was able to sleep a bit once we got out of Boston. We arrived in Maine at 6:15PM and after sixteen hours, Stoli was able to get out of his carrier and stretch! He has adjusted extremely well and is quite a love bug. His favorite place to be is your shoulder, where all the action is!



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