We were given this award by Mishkat - the directions are: write 10 honest things about yourself. Actually Stoli Luxor AND I was tagged, since that's lot of honesty that I don't actually know if I can cope with - we'll do 5 each.

1. I love/have to be the center of attention, but hate to be the center of attention to anyone except mommy and daddy.
2. I love bread, if they leave it out - I rip it to shreads. Also I like cheezits.
3. I wait all day and pee one big blob. (right in the corner so it's hard to get out LOL)
4. I love to have my belly rubbed, shhhhhhhhh.
5. I like to be the only cat sleeping with mommy.

1. I chew my tail - to clean my teeth.
2. I let everyone in the house know I have to poop. I have a special poopie meow.
3. I will eat anything that fits in my mouth.
4. I always get blamed for everything because Stoli is 'the golden child'.
5. I hold lengthy conversations with my mom.

1. My car is a federal disaster zone, it qualifies for disaster relief aid
2. I am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a morning person
3. My side of the bedroom is also included in the disaster relief effort
4. I get up and pee at the very least - 4 times a night, not that I have to go, 'just to be sure'
5. I have the uncanny knack of picking, choosing, wanting, 'needing' the most expensive and hardest to find items.

We're supposed to tag 7 others, so we tag Daisy the Curly Cat and Harley, Polymer Paula, Anna at the House of Mouse, Mitsy at Artmind, Michele at Sweet Irie, and anyone else who'd like to be tagged that comments on the thread (good idea Mishkat!)


Mishkat March 8, 2009 at 1:48 PM  

Very well done! These are great - I was laughing out loud. And that photo of Stoli is hilarious.

Our car is a disaster area too - glad to know I'm not the only one. I always apologize if I give a ride to someone :)


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