Nostalgia Saturday

The last Red Nostalgia Saturday - Hot Tamales!

This is my quintessential cinema food, that and Junior Mints!

Hot Tamales were created in the 1950s by Just Born

The Just Born candy tradition was conceived in 1910, when Russian immigrant Sam Born came to the United States. In 1916, Sam Born was awarded the "key to the city" of San Francisco for inventing a machine that mechanically inserted sticks into lollipops.

In 1917, Born opened a small retail store in Brooklyn, New York. He proudly displayed in his store window an evolving line of daily made candy, marketing its freshness with a sign that declared Just Born. The original company logo showed a baby resting in a candy measuring scale. Some of Sam Born's contributions to the candy industry include chocolate sprinkles, known as "jimmies," and the hard coating on ice cream bars.

In 1923, Born started his own manufacturing company in New York City. Irv and Jack Schaffer, Born's brothers in law, joined the company to help market and sell the confections. In 1932, the trio moved operations to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Sam Born's son, Bob Born who joined the company in 1946 and would later become President for more than 30 years, was part of the two man team that mechanized the Marshmallow Peeps forming process. It was this ingenuity that enabled them to dramatically increase production and led them to become America's largest manufacturer of seasonal marshmallow confections.

Just Born continues to be family owned. Currently the co-CEOs are Mr. Born's grandson Ross Born and nephew David Shaffer. Samuel Torrence is the first non-family president in the history of the company. Just Born is a noted contributor to the Bethlehem community and makes many charitable contributions.

Just Born's tagline is "A great candy isn't made...it's Just Born".

Here is a history of Just Born by Just Born.


Mishkat February 28, 2009 at 9:52 PM  

Do they sell these anywhere else but movie theaters? Great series, btw!


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