Open Letter To Etsy

I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to sign in - I have a bill to pay and nothing is working. It's a positive crap shoot if I can log in or not. And on top of that nothing I'm listing is ever making it to the front page. WHY am I even creating anymore? Nothing I'm making is getting ANY exposure.

I'm getting terribly frustrated with this site and I'm hoping for some positive information here. Why did admin change how the listings on the FP load? People aren't getting any views. I have NEVER , EVER listed something and had it sit for TWO DAYS at 1 view. I don't even want to put stuff in my shop. It's wasting money.

Also, this logging in stuff has been happening over and over again as of late and for a site of this stature, makes me think that someone needs to sit up and fix the problem.

Please, I'm begging you - literally - fix the log in issue and make sure the FP listings and Time Machines show the items.....

I'm sure it will be closed, and I'm seriously considering forking over mega bucks to just have my own blessed site. ArtFire's lay out does nothing for me. I'm sick of Etsy's s&^%. If you want to read more about the problem, read one of many posts at Etsy Bitch and Closed Threads


Anonymous,  January 25, 2009 at 1:02 AM  

Let me just say first...AMEN!!!!!!!!!

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