Clay clay clay!

Well, Today was my second class of clay and it went much better.

In the first clay we learned about slab, pinch and coil creation. We were supposed to try creating a cylinder with a slab. We could also try out anything else we liked, but the topic was cylindrical sculpting.

I walked into the class with no ideas in my head. That was the hardest thing! I am the type of person who needs to pre-plan so I can have a jumping off point. Over the week, I did some research into what types of sculpting can be done that are not wheel throwing. I had some ideas going into class tonight.

Tonight, we learned about handles for our cylinders and also about using bisque molds. Hallelujah! That's what I needed. So tonight, I have two dishes drying on molds ready for next week's class to add embellishments.


renovia October 8, 2008 at 5:49 AM  

Will do for next week! That way I'll have some stuff that's fired and some that's not. We're working with terra cotta. I took my dishes off the hump molds today!

Peter Holland October 8, 2008 at 6:11 AM  

You remind me of me way back before I'd sculpted a single thing. I started the ball rolling by going to pottery night-school / workshop and making a giant coil pot decorated with a sculpted bas-relief rose on the side. It took forever. I was glad when it didn't explode in the kiln. Strange how these things cause ripples in the pond.


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