Custom Order

The bulk of my sales at Endless Whimsy are custom orders. Someone comes into the shop and decides they would like to have a sculpture in a different color than is currently available; someone wants a sculpture to look like their pet; someone wants a special set of something.....

I love do work on custom orders but I've just now realized that they are very taxing to the brain. Especially the ones where it's imperative that the sculpture look very much like their pet. I should try to limit the amount that I'm working on so I still have time to make stock for the store.

<------Bode at PitelSpot

Bode custom sculpture ------>

So the ears were really important to get the size and placement just right. Also, this adorable pooch has incredible eyebrow patches. I love his white tummy and his pointy tail. I used solid black polymer with a gold/brown mix and white accents. I love this puppy and I love this pose. I guess things like this make custom worth totally worth while!



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