MOO stinks

We've got printing issues at MOO in the UK.

If you haven't heard about MOO, where have you been lately?

MOO is a company that creates cards, stickers, etc. with photos of your choosing. You can have many many photos in a batch - you don't need to order 100 of one picture.

I order from them in December and the product was GREAT.

I just placed another order with them and I'm disgusted. I got minicards that were misaligned and stickers that were not light enough.

The minicards were from a pre-existing template with no option to change alignment and the stickers, well, I didn't do anything any differently with this batch except order them with a synchronization with Etsy instead of Flickr.

I contacted the company and was basically told it was my fault. Now if I wasn't at all computer savvy or had no idea how to photography I would accept that. But I'm neither of those things so that leads me to believe that it is their fault. I'll let you know if I get anywhere with them. I may post a sample photograph showing the difference in colors too.


Mishkat May 12, 2008 at 11:16 AM  

Good luck with this! I really dislike sending something to the printer and having it come out wrong, especially when the printer won't fix it! It doesn't sound like user error to me - it sounds like Moo messed up (not to mention that it sounds like their customer service is not the greatest - to say the least).

One thing (and I haven't made Moo cards myself - obviously!) but have you considered that the Flickr-Moo interface might be better than the Etsy-Moo interface? Not sure - but pictures often look better, at least to me, on Flickr than on Etsy.

Also, Zazzle makes Moo-type cards now

I think you have to buy 20 of each image - but you can also get photo greeting cards, postage (Stoli stamps!), etc. from them. Sharon has a shop there:


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