Da Bird is a Disaster!

Oh my Oh my Oh my,

Stoli has always been extremely possessive of his special toys - mice, feathers. Well on a suggestion, I purchased Da Bird and a refill. Yesterday was his first time playing with it and it was a scene. I had a hard time getting it away from him but it wasn't abnormal. Well today I didn't get it away from him. I finally had to let it go and he ran away upstairs with it. Hissing, growling all the normal but just much more of it.

I followed him and finally was making headway on getting Da Bird out of his mouth when the thing snapped off. Yup. I was left holding the string and wand and he had the feathers.

So, I started down stairs and fed Luxor dinner. Stoli came down but didn't want to give up his bird. I fed him on the floor and when he was occupied I stole da bird. I don't really know if I want to get it out again after that encounter.



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