And all of this for the want of a Tea.

Soooo, I woke up early today to get a lot of work done at school. As I was driving to school I commented on how heavy traffic was. I got of the turnpike and in a split second I chose between getting my morning tea at Dunkin' Donuts or Irving (Blue Canoe). I chose DD.

I pull in to the drive in thinking "wow, it's really busy today." But was ok waiting in line because I had time, it was only 6:41. It took forever to get through the drive through. I finally ordered my regular order: "medium regular tea black please" and they repeat "medium regular HOT tea black". I drive up and they try to give me two cappuccinos, "4.96 please". I said, "Oh no, I ordered a medium regular tea black, 1.81".

They didn't even have it prepared, so I waited, didn't take too long. I got my tea and went to work. I get to work and take the lid off to get rid of the tea bag ( I hate strong tea). My tea had CREAM in it!!!!!

I had time, so I went back to DD and went INSIDE this time. I asked the lady behind the counter to please correct the drive through's mistake: I ordered a "medium regular tea, black - NO cream".

She apologized and then got me tea. I pulled the little tabby up and it was black so I left.

I got to school and opened it up to take the tea bag out.......IT WAS COFFEE, BLACK.

Oh my gosh!!! It's about 7:15 now and I am bound and determined to get my tea. I drive back THROUGH construction to get to a really busy DD.........

I asked to speak with the manager on duty. I (as politely as I could) asked "I've been here three times in the past hour, could I please have a medium regular tea, black. It's been wrong twice. And I need a refund."

I got my tea and I got my refund. But I had to go back through construction to get to school AND I ended up behind the buses.

So in summary, I didn't finally get to school until 7:50... School started at 8am.

I am not sure if I want to go back there again.


Katie October 19, 2007 at 5:00 PM  

I'm laughing at this story - you are persistent! Here in VA they would have given you ICED tea (sweetened, of course) - it is a lot of work to try and get hot tea here.
Oh well - I know now never to try and get tea in a Dunkin Donuts...I think they only know how to make coffee.


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