Front view Tortie

Front view Tortie
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This was a sample for a customer who requested a custom order of a Tortie cat. Not bad, coloring good! I used black, translucent with gold Pearl Ex, gold and brown Premo clay. I conditioned about a 1/4 oz of each color, the chopped them into quarters. I checkered them then carefully squeezed the ball into shape - didn't want to damage the marbling.


Katie August 17, 2007 at 9:25 AM  

I'm proud to say that this is Renovia's custom sculpture of our tortie, Tasha, commissioned through Endless Whimsy's Etsy shop. I love it. It reminds me very much of Tasha when she was a kitten - she's gained a bit of weight since then. This is an understatement - when my husband found Tasha, she was a 6 weeks old feral kitten and weighed 150 grams - about 1/3 of a pound. She's now 12 pounds - yikes!

Thanks, Renovia - can't wait to see it in person.


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