Snow Cake - for snow days

My friend Katy texted me this great recipe for a cake made with fresh fallen snow. Super easy directions, and no milk or eggs!  I used brown sugar instead of white since I had no sugar. I also used baking soda and yogurt instead of powder because I didn't have that. It was still delicious! 

Adding the snow!



With a little honey. 

It was really very, very good. Quick, easy and fun for the kids. 

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Introducing (In Utero)

Baby Boy - due Sept 27:



I am alive

yes, I am - and I hope to actually keep up with the blog from now until my Due Date!!!!! Things have been up and down and up and down and blogging definitely took a back seat - I apologize. I don't think I'll be making any clay sculptures until after the baby arrives and I get into a routine. But until then it's all kitty games and baby prep...



The clay has a mind of its own

This is the shape the clay wanted to be. Usually the sitting kitty sculpture is a little thinner but this ball of clay felt like being fat. I think I really like this sculpture perhaps I can make a mold of it.

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Bird house!

The bird house I made to put the letters to my father in

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The healing process

Hello everyone, I've been working hard to sort through my thoughts this summer. It's been busy so I haven't had as much time as I'd like.

I finally had the courage to purchase some mason stains. Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Here is my first attempt at creating some new colors - too light, but I can always add stain. My ratio was 10 tsp to 1/4 tsp. I used the teaspoon increment because my clear glaze is already mixed and I have a lot of it so I went with that - and added the stain to little glass phials with small amounts of the glaze in it.

I also had time to make two coil tea cups along with two of my petal saucers. I let them sit for a couple days while I waited for some inspiration on the design. I had the idea for a family tree for my sister as we are both still in grieving/healing modes but I thought that would be a little difficult. But I loved the tree motif so I went with it.

Then I knew I wanted to paint a phrase on the cup. Something motivational for me and my sister. I stewed over that for a day or two as well. And then it came to me, "let the breeze guide you". It summed up all I was feeling that day because as I was glazing I heard the neighbor's child playing outside saying "grampy, grampy" and that just started a flood of emotions that needed to come out.

It's all good. . .



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Almost ready

Hi Folks,

I've been crocheting and the time spent just zoning out and looking at thread has been very therapeutic. I am almost ready to begin finishing orders for Etsy, then begin making sculptures again! - I have to finish helping my mother move nearer to me through the end of this month - but this is a fun and happy photo to tide you over....

Babette Blanket




Hello Everyone, I'm sure you're wondering what's up with Renovia - well, here it is:

My mother is buying a place in the town where I'm living so I'm trying to get her packed and ready to move by the end of the month. School is finishing up. I spent the weekend by my mom, my sister and her son packing - it was nice, but hard work.

I haven't been doing any claying, but I have been crocheting. It's been my savior - just to focus on some nice colors on a comfy couch. As soon as my mom gets moved, I plan on (and can hardly wait to) starting up the clay again.



Babette blanket

I've been able to start crocheting again. It's been theraputic for me. I haven't claued yet though. Here's my minimal progress on the blanket

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